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 Chronology of Early/Misc. Articles about The Wave

The original story "The Third Wave" was first self-published in
"No Substitute for Madness!  a collection of short stories by Ron Jones"
through his Zephyros Educational Exchange in 1976 [not 1972 or 1969]
This is it: 
The Third Wave

The original story was then published nationally as "Take As Directed" by Stewart Brand
in The CoEvolution Quarterly (later named Whole Earth Review)
Issue No. 9, March 20, 1976, pp. 132-139 (Spring 1976)

Article by Jack Horn "The Third Wave: Nazism in a High School"
Psychology Today magazine, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 14, 16-17 (July, 1976)

Jones' original story also reprinted as "The Third Wave" in the July, 1976 AHP Newsletter
by the Association for Humanistic Psychology

The Jones original short story was also covered by Associated Press (AP) & others:
"Student Flock to be Fascists",
The  Victoria Advocate [TX], 7/14/76, p. 11B
"Teacher Calls Experiment in Fascism 'A Horror Story'",
Spartanburg Herald [SC], 7/14/76, p. A4
"Response to Fascist Experiment Terrifies Teacher-Leader",
Daytona Beach Morning Journal [FL], 7/14/76, p. 6A
"Class Converted by Nazi Experiment",
The News and Courier [SC], 7/14/76, p. 9-C
"Experiment Awesome",
Spokane Daily Chronicle [WA], 7/19/76, p. 4
"A Nazi High School",
Sarasota Herald-Tribune [FL], 8/6/76, p. 6-A

Jones' original story also reprinted as "The Third Wave" by Stewart Brand
in “The Next Whole Earth Catalog” 1980 and 1981 editions, pp. 374-377 (+other editions?)

The original Ron Jones story "The Third Wave" was also published in his book
No Substitute for Madness - A Teacher, His Kids & The Lessons of Real Life"
(pp. 1-23, Island Press, Covelo, CA  1981)
It is out of print

The book "Hassling" by Cubberley English teacher Sylvia Berry Williams
is about Cubberley High School in the 1967/68 & 1968/69 school years,
Little, Brown & Co., 1970 (270 pages, out of print).
Jones is mentioned often, including: a photo at the time (p. 225),
a Third Wave reference (p. 51), & his tenure battle (pp. 221-266)

The 1981 ABC-TV movie "The Wave" prompted several articles:

"Classroom Innovator Ron Jones Has Made a Career of Grappling with Challenges Others Shirk"
by Maria Wilhelm in
People Magazine, October 5, 1981, Vol. 16, No. 14

The Wave was the cover story in Scholastic Voice magazine
Vol. 66, No. 2, Sept. 18, 1981
Movie synopsis (pp. 4-10), Jones interview (pp. 35-39), Letter contest (p. 32)

"Classroom Experiment" in New York Times, Oct. 4, 1981, p. D47
"Fall Lineup Looks Unlikely to Take ABC to Top Again" in The Palm Beach Post, Oct. 3, 1981, p. 4-5

"Wave Teaches Holocaust Lesson" in The Montreal Gazette, Oct. 3, 1981, p. 43

"ABC is Scheduling a 'Jack-Booted Kick in the Face'" in The Reading Eagle (PA), Oct. 2, 1981, p. 13

"Wave Offers Clue to Nazi Power" in the Park City Daily News (KY), Oct. 2, 1981, p. 11

"Teacher Showed How Dictatorship Works" in Wilmington Morning Star, Oct. 3, 1981, p. 3C

"Drama's about 'Wave' that Could and Did Happen Here" in Eugene Register-Guard, Oct. 3, 1981, TV Wk p.4

"School Turned Nazi-like In Experiment" in St. Petersburg Independent, Oct. 2, 1981, p. 11-A

"Experiment gone awry dramatized" in Albuquerque Tribune, Oct. 3, 1981, p. TV-2

"Teacher's Lesson Turned Real" in Rock Hill Herald, Oct. 1, 1981

Article "The Education of Ron Jones" by Joseph Hooper
Palo Alto Weekly, Vol III, No. 47, pp. 11-15 (Sept. 1, 1982)

Article "Mr. Jones' era: Cubberley High and a radical teacher"
San Jose Mercury News, pp. 1C & 4C, by Wendy Lesser (Sept. 4, 1988)
See also the chapter "Mr. Jones" in her book "
The Amateur", pp. 39-49, 2000

Excellent overview article "Remembering the Third Wave" in Peninsula magazine
 Volume VI, No. 6, pp. 46-51 (Redwood City, CA) by Leslie Weinfield (Sept. 1991)
(she did more research than others, including speaking with several students)

Article by Ron Jones, Whole Earth Review, #79, pp. 70-81 (Summer 1993)
"Based on a true story - high school teacher's attempted lesson
on fascism gone awry"

"The Third Wave" by Ron Jones (original story)
in college textbook: "Experiencing Social Psychology -
Readings and Projects" 3rd Edition (pp. 144-150)
by Pines & Maslach, McGraw Hill  1993
May be in other editions as well?)

Article by Susan Jackson "A Dangerous Experiment"
Palo Alto Weekly, April 13, 1994

Ron Jones' High School Wall of Fame write-up, May 1995
"Experiment in Fascism Recalled in 'The Wave'" in Contra Costa Times, Apr. 20, 1997, p. C01

Article by Jordan Bonfante "Anti-Fascist Fiction"
Time Europe magazine, Vol. 156, No. 12, September 18, 2000

Discussed in Philip Zimbardo's "
The Lucifer Effect" book
Random House, 2007  (pp. 281-283)



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